good code is a piece of art

You mean like Mona Lisa or what?

good code means obsession with the details

Your designer may not think about hover states. I do. I think about every single one. Day and night.

good code means maintaining order

7 years of experience with large scale projects made me a FrontEnd Nazi Artist.

good code means consistence on all the devices

Ready for all the iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Androids, HAL9000s and holy f*cking Smart Fridges.

i deliver good code

For anyone interested, previously for Socialbakers, SYMBIO and webProgress
What did you expect? Bananas?

go and see my good code

You think I’m boasting? You think this is funny? Look at my works. Just look at them!

I’m Petr Urbanek and I’m a Coder

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Write me an email. Connect on LinkedIn. I’ve got a Blog and a MX-5, I watch Movies and play PS4 and most of all I love to spend weekends with my other half.
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Special thanks to Jerry Tvrdek